Best Ways to Fix a Jammed Car Door Lock

Leaving for work on a productive morning only to find out your car door lock is jammed is frustrating and can be time-consuming. You attempt to unlock the door as many times as you can, but by the time you manage to get the door open, you’re already late. 

In these unexpected situations, trying to remain calm and clear-headed can be challenging. There could be any number of reasons why your car door won’t unlock, but don’t be alarmed! We’ve highlighted the best ways you can fix your jammed car door lock without having to commit to any strenuous tasks.

Before you engage in anything, ensure your car is in a secure place, and identify the issues that are preventing you from unlocking the door. Common issues can range from using a faulty car key or internal malfunctions within the door lock assembly. Now let’s take an in-depth look into how we can solve some of these possible issues, to ensure you never face any future problems with your car door lock. 

Replacing the Battery  

Oftentimes, the most common issue is a damaged or faulty key. If you strongly believe your car is broken or the internal battery is malfunctioning, then consider replacing it immediately with a new one. 

Fortunately, Replacement Car Keys specialises in developing replacement keys with cutting-edge technology to ensure your car key battery never fails again. Our advanced key-programming technology can be applied to restore full functionality to your broken car key, or we can use it to render you a completely new one without any drawbacks.

Car keys can also malfunction if they’re exposed to water or moisture, causing an electrical short-circuit. But this can easily be remedied once we dismantle the car key and clean the internal components of the battery. 

Lubrication solutions 

Applying a dry lubricant can be a long-term solution to your car lock problems. Over-time, dirt, and dust build up inside the car lock assembly, rendering your car key useless. 

Occasionally, an unknown object could be lodged inside the lock, hindering you from opening the car door. In any event, Replacement Car Keys recommends using a dry lubricant to clean the lock assembly as frequently as possible. 

If you’re not familiar with the cleaning process, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Replacement Car Keys services for prompt guidance and instructions.  

Repair or Replace the Car Lock Assembly

If you’ve been using your car for an extended period of time, chances are the lock assembly has become rusty or defective. Replacement Car Keys can aid you by repairing or replacing the carl lock assembly, through the use of our advanced equipment and programming software.

Closing Thoughts

When your car door lock is jammed, contact your nearest car key company immediately for assistance. Replacement Car Keys are at your disposal to support all your vehicle needs, whether it’s fixing a door lock or supplying you with a brand new car key. We’re always here for your convenience!   

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