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Key Programming

Once we have produced your new car key, the immobiliser & remote functions need to be programmed before the key will be able to start the engine or to be able to control the remote central locking system. With the help of the newest programming machines, we can recode a transponder to update a key or key fob to fit a new model or new release of the same brand.

Lost/Stolen Keys

If your key is lost or stolen, you should get in touch with us immediately after calling the police. Reprogramming your new car keys requires that the lost or stolen ones have to be erased from the cars ECU (internal memory).

We Provide

Another common issue is the battery in your car key losing all its power. In most cases the battery can simply be replaced and won’t require any programming. Some models however will require reprogramming or synchronisation before they will fully function again.

Stopped Working

Sometimes keys just stop working. When this happens and the key stops communicating with the vehicle, the reprogramming process must be carried out and this will return full functionality back to the key.

Dropped in water

Keys being dropped in water. We all know electrical items and water don’t mix. Some modern keys produced today are water proof, but most are not. If water gets inside your key not only will it cause corrosion but, in most cases, cause the key to instantly stop working. In some cases, its possible for us to dismantle and clean the internal parts of the key, replace the battery and we are able to get full functionality back.

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