Tips That Will Help You Prevent Car Theft

Yes, you love your car, and you cannot imagine your life without it. It is your baby, so what have you done to protect it from car theft? It turns out that simple little things like stickers, window etching or taking the manual out of it can help.

Do Not Attract Thieves

In many cases, it is not the car that the thieves are after. It is the shiny new laptop you dropped in your front seat. Or maybe it is your designer purse that looks like it is stuffed full of valuables.

Take an extra moment to hide your belongings in your trunk, and your vehicle will be less tempting for criminals.

Warning Stickers

One thing car theft specialists do not like is getting caught. They are also not fond of window stickers that inform them there is an alarm or tracking sticker installed. They know that it might not be authentic, but chances are they do not want to check it.

Mark Your Vehicle

You do not have to put a leopard print on your vehicle, but you can get the id number engraved on each of the windows and light covers. They will have to invest in the replacement of the windows. And thieves are not enthusiastic about all the hassle.

You can also play spy by leaving different parts of the car with an invisible pen or cover it in microdots with your id details. It will not stop car theft, but it will make it easier to track the vehicle if stolen.

Do Not Leave the Engine Running

Stealing a car is not a time-consuming process. It could be that very moment you left to grab a cup of coffee at the gas station. Or it could be the time you started the engine on a cold winter morning and went back inside to read the morning paper in the warmth of your house.

Complete Safety is An Illusion

Even if you live in a calm neighbourhood with respectable adults around, bad guys can get in there unless there are guards. So when you park by your front door after a hard day at work, you still have to lock your vehicle and double-check if you did.

Keep Those Windows Closed Too

If they can stick in a finger or two, then criminals will rock their way in to go further and get the door unlocked from the inside. So make it a ritual to check if your windows are closed too, not just doors.

Always Know Here Your Keys is

Are you hiding your keys somewhere under your car so that you do not get locked out someday? Thieves know about secret key hiding locations well.

A handbag on the coffeeshop chair, the stairs or a little table by the front door of your house are not the perfect places for your keys either. And remember that you should always have an extra set of keys if you ever lose yours, so it’s a good idea to a get set made by Replacement Car Keys.

Park in The Right Places

Do not leave your four-wheeled friend in a dark neighbourhood with a bad reputation and no security cameras. Try to park near businesses where there is a lot of light. Those places always have security cameras, so there will be evidence if your car gets stolen.

A parking garage is not the worst option, but if it is isolated, then you are putting yourself at risk. Again, try to stay close to a security camera to discourage those bad guys.

Mind How You Park it

When you park a car, always use an emergency brake and lock the steering wheel. An obstacle like a wall or a curb in front of the vehicle is a good idea. It will make car theft much harder for thieves.

Be Careful With Public Parking Lots

It comes in handy to leave your vehicle as you go shopping, watch a game of sports or fly away, but public parking lots are all thieves’ favourite. They are open to the general public, and anyone can walk around picking the car they like to check security measures. So be extra careful when you park there and try to find a spot closest to the building entrance where there is a security camera.

Do Not Try To Over Hide Your Car

So you have found a perfect, dark and isolated spot for your ride in the parking garage in your apartment complex. You might think it is safe as no one will find it, but thieves will, and they will love it. Isolation means less attention to them as well, and since they are smart and usually get in there at night, the chances are that no one interrupts them. Even if someone does walk in, they will hear it, and there will be enough time to disappear.

Do Not Ignore The Physical Extra Precautions

There are all sorts of locks such as steering wheel locks, tire locks and hood locks. A night-vision baby monitor will repel car thieves. And if not, you will have perfect proof that they were there. Car alarms also work as an excellent car theft deterrent with its loud sound.

Do Not Leave Your Vehicle Registration Inside

Leaving your vehicle registration in the car is a bad idea as they can easily present it to police officers when stopped. And your insurance information will help them make new keys to unlock the car without any problem.

If you are not the only person using the car, find a secret place to hide the registration and only tell your closest friends about it.

Your Car Manual Should Not Be in Your Car

It is not the instruction about how to work the machine that thieves are after. It is the secret valet key that you might not even know exists. You can find it at the back of the manual or pop it out of a plastic insert.

Older Cars are Prime Targets

Cars manufactured more than twenty years ago have easy systems to crack. So if you are a vintage fan, add some physical protection to your favourite set of wheels to prevent car theft.

There is No Such Thing As An Unwanted Car

Car thieves steal cars of different makes and colours for specific jobs. An anonymous white van, for example, is perfect for transporting stolen things. Some vehicles are targets for their hard-to-find details like parts. Others are alluring because of their powerful engines.

Spice Up Your Life

If your car is specifically desirable to thieves and hard to get, then they can start spying on you to figure out the best time to get it. So if you start your engine every day at eight and then stop at the same coffee shop every day, then you might be helping them plan a crime. They could plot an attack when they find the weakest link in the logical sequence.

Install a Tracking System

If your car does not have a GPS tracker, then get one. It might not prevent the worst, but it will be the perfect tool to track your vehicle.

Final Thoughts

If you love your car, then it is your job to make sure that nothing happens to it. Follow the eighteen tips, so that car theft is difficult. Replacement Car Keys is here for you when it comes to extra security measures for your vehicle.

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