Best Measures for Preventing Car Theft

Regardless of where we park our vehicle, even at home, there’s always that underlying fear of car theft.

You should always prioritize your car’s safety by ensuring it’s parked in a secure environment. However, there are times when the circumstances aren’t always in your favour, which ultimately results in your car being stolen or dispossessed.

Replacement Key Services understands your devotion to your car’s protection, which is why we’ve listed down the best measures for preventing car theft.

Key Theft

Key theft is a common occurrence, particularly in crowded areas when you’re moving around a lot with little time to pay attention to your surroundings.

In these types of situations, we generally become too unsettled to realize what just happened. In any event, Replacement Key Services will immediately supply you with a new replacement key. However, in order for us to reprogram your new car keys, we encourage you to retrieve the stolen car keys so that their data can be erased from your car’s ECU (internal memory).

Locking the Steering Wheel

Replacement Key Services highly recommends Installing a steering wheel lock, since it’s one of the best ways to prevent car theft and discourage intruders from driving it. Steering wheel locks make effective car theft preventive measures because they’re portable enough to be stored inside your car while you’re on the go.

A huge advantage of using steering wheel locks is that they’re highly visible from the outside. Their large size means car thieves will be dissuaded from entering the vehicle, in fear of drawing attention to themselves.

Locking the steering wheel renders your car immobile and ensures a greater level of protection.

Locking the Rims

If you’re planning on parking your car for an extended period of time at a location far from your reach, Replacement Key Services recommends installing tire locks as a backup security, in case you are unable to make it back in time to prevent the car thieves from stealing your vehicle.

Rim locks work by locking onto the outside of your car wheels and they remain locked shut, preventing the wheels from turning on and preventing anyone from driving the car.

They make effective solutions for preventing car theft because you can install them in a variety of vehicles.

Activating Car Alarms

Car alarms work in the same manner as standard security alarms. They’re a great way to ward off thieves and they alert you immediately when your car is being tampered with.

Modern car alarms often come with additional security features like remote car ignitions and keyless activations for convenience. This means you can unlock your car even if the key is stored inside your pocket.

However, if you find that your existing car alarm is broken, simply get in touch with Replacement Car keys and we’ll swiftly provide you with the relevant solutions.

Closing Thoughts

Your car has enormous value, whether it’s sentimental or financial. Preventing car theft is of paramount importance, especially if it’s a car you personally own and operate. If you’re seeking out a car key company that can help you upgrade your car’s security with specialized car theft preventive measures, consider giving Replacement Key Services a call!

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