How Much Does It Cost To Cut, Code, And Program A Car Key?

Once upon a time, it was simple to get a new set of keys made at an affordable price. You could go to pretty much any old key cutting shop, and they would give you replacement keys in an instant.

However, these days, vehicle keys are not just pieces of metal that you stick into the keyhole. Car manufacturers have adopted many innovations that make getting into a car or starting the ignition something from an 80’s science fiction movie. As a result, the car keys cost for modern vehicles is more than it was in the old days.

Nevertheless, you have to get car keys made as a result of lost car keys or the need for a spare key. That is where we play a vital role in delivering car key cutting services and car key programming in Essex at the most competitive rate.

Let us look at how much it takes to buy a key, cutting the key, programming codes, and car key programming.

How To Estimate The Price Of A Car Key

You need to consider four things when you are calculating what the price of a car key is going to be like for you. The first factor is the price of the key and the second factor is the cost of the key cut. If you own an old-fashioned car, then that is all that you have to pay.

However, if you have a newer model car, then you have to consider two more factors. The third factor is the coding price, and finally, the last factor is key programming. Let us look at the estimated cost of each step of calculating the total price you have to pay for a car key service for a new set of keys.

The Cost Of The Key

Car keys used to have a portion that you put into the keyhole that you then turned to either open the door or start ignition. But these days, you get smart keys that open and start-up cars with a press of a button.

If you only need a basic key without buttons, it will cost you from around 20 pounds to 40 pounds depending on the car model.

However, if you need a smart key with buttons, you will have to pay 50 to 300-pounds depending on your vehicle.

Key Cutting

Once you have a key, the next step is key cutting. good auto locksmiths can do this for you at an affordable price. If you have a Vauxhall or Peugeot, you won’t need key cutting as the key comes pre-cut.

However, if you have a Ford or a Nissan, you know that the key will arrive blank, and so you will need a car key cutting service. Let us look at the cost of key cutting for your vehicle.

You see, key cutting machines have blades that cut the car key, and they wear out every time a key is cut. Meaning, you have to pay the auto locksmith money as he eventually has to buy a new cutting machine.

It will cost you from 10 pounds to 60 pounds, depending on how hard the key is and whether you need to make horizontal cuts or vertical cuts. Now let us look at the next step contributing to the overall cost of getting a key created.


Coding is essential because the auto locksmith does not have access to your vehicle. He has to cut the key based on a code that is called the key number. Key codes are necessary as if you do not have distinguished codes; anyone can put their key in your keyhole and drive off with it.

If you do not have a code, then the car key cutting service will ask for an existing key from which the code can be copied.

Another code is necessary if you have transponder keys, and it is known as the transponder code. The code is required to prevent people from trying to pull car key programming scams to get into your vehicle.

The coding cost varies depending on the vehicle that you drive. If you have a Hyundai or a Kia, then the cost of coding is within 10 pounds, but the price is much higher if you have a Fiat. It might cost as much as 45 pounds.

Iveco dealer’s car coding cost can reach up to 180 pounds. So you see, it is quite difficult to give you a precise number as the rate varies from car to car.

Now let us go to the last step of estimating the full price of getting keys made for your car.


Even if your car does not have buttons, it still might have a transponder chip inside it. It is the reason why modern car keys cost so much.

The transponder chip is necessary as it makes sure that the car does not recognise a key that does not have a programmed transponder chip. Once the transponder key is programmed, the car will identify the key and allow you to start up the car.

A good car key programming service will program your car key for an affordable price right away. They have special programming computers that cost up to 20,000 pounds, and key programmers usually have multiple computers.

The programming itself is not something that a layperson can do. It is quite tricky, and it needs extensive technical expertise.

Depending on the car model and the time it takes to program your key, the price of programming is around 35 pounds to 90 pounds.

Final Thoughts

There are four steps in calculating the overall cost of making a set of car keys. The steps are getting a key, cutting it, coding it, and programming. The best car key programming in Essex is available 24 hours a day. We will give you a price for your car keys that no one else can offer. Think Replacement Car Keys for all your cutting and programming needs.

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