How does a locksmith make a new car key?

Locksmith is a familiar name to us who have a private car. We always get the convenience of a car locksmith whenever we find ourselves in trouble. The locksmith makes new keys or does the replacement car keys for our cars whenever we ask. But, have we ever wondered how a locksmith makes a new car key? Car key programming service is the aid a locksmith provides. And, it is as essential as the car needs fuel. We realize the value of it when it comes in handy. Sometimes, we got ourselves in a situation where we lost car keys or cracked them by accident. At this, car key programming Essex gets helpful. The locksmith gets us replacement keys in this circumstance within 30 minutes. And, this is what they are known for. Therefore, it shouldn’t be a matter of amazement if we have an interest in car key programming or car key service. 

How does a locksmith make a new car key? 

A car lock is not a thing that can be rectified by an amateur. You surely want to deal with it with a professional hand. Nowadays, car manufacturers are bringing the new model of cars which include programmed keys or auto locksmith features. In the case of wanting replacement keys, you surely need a locksmith with cutting and programming knowledge. To expand your trust in a newly made key, you need to know how a locksmith makes a new car key. Tasks that are mentioned below need a professional hand for this. Here, we are demonstrating the steps of making car keys. 

Step-1: Perceive the car and find the right black key. 

At first, a car locksmith who provides key programming service has to determine the model and the year of the car. The locksmith can clarify the correct key blank by using specialized computer software. Searching the vehicle information through the software the locksmith got able to do the vehicle key replacement. And, in the end, the locksmith fills up the requirement by making the key for the vehicle. 

Step-2: Cutting the key. 

Replacement car key cutting appears handy in the case of the unavailability of key code. Generally, the key can be designed from the key code for older vehicles. And, the specialist software conveys the key code usually. However, if the key code didn’t find out from the software, the locksmith will discard the driver’s side lock. The key code usually addresses the lock. Again, if the key code doesn’t find out on that lock, the locksmith can interpret the lock by working out the cuts of the key. Point to be remembered, in that procedure the locksmith has to be trained for this part of the process. Otherwise, it may cost you trouble in your car.  

Step-3: Transponder key programming. 

The latest models of car features a transponder key. Transponder keys carry an inbuilt electronic chip included in the head. When the key is plopped into the ignition, the chip in the key halts the engine immobilizer and enables the motor to start. The key can’t start the car if the chip is incorrect. Even if the key swivels the ignition, the car won’t start. In that case, the locksmith can program the transponder after identifying the correct key blanks and transponder chip from the information of the vehicle. In this, two different methods can be followed by the locksmith. Here are those: 

  • Make a clone of the key: The key generates the exact copy of the key. And the data can be certified in the transponder chip. 
  • Programming the key into the vehicle: There is specialized equipment that is specially designed for programming keys into vehicles.  

Using the specialized software the locksmith will decide the method required and progress to either make the clone of the key or program it into the vehicle. The procedure sometimes requires programming the key remote to unlock the car and boot. 

Step-5: Making new keys thorough scooping. 

The scooping method is a kind of technique that is specifically executed by expert locksmiths. Whenever we forget the key inside the car, this method is useful. In this method, the locksmith inserts a tiny scoop inside the lock and verifies the lock cylinder. Eventually, he cuts a key that matches a similar pattern to the original key. 

Step-5: Testing. 

At the end of the proceeding, it is required to test the car keys to make sure everything works perfectly. After cutting the key to the code and the transponder chip has been either cloned or programmed, there is an obvious requirement that exists for testing. The procedure doesn’t take much time and satisfy everyone completely in the end. Losing keys inside the car or anywhere is an unpleasant situation. And, this unpleasant circumstance happens in our life often. Yet, there is some solution. So, whenever you find yourself in this kind of trouble, contact a professional car locksmith. Things will be tolerant if they produce replacement car key cutting services for you. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQ). 

Q: What should I do if my key is stolen? 

A: If your key is stolen a professional car locksmith will secure your car by reprogramming your car and deprogramming your stolen key. Once you get the new replacement key the stolen one can not be used. So, it’s better to call a locksmith if you get yourself in this kind of situation. 

Q: Can I get a new key if I have lost the original one? 

A: Sure. A professional locksmith can fetch you a new key without asking for the original one.

Q: How do a locksmith open car doors? 

A: A locksmith has several ways of opening the car doors. He can operate a broken car key extractor to wipe out the key parts from the lock and duplicate the key. Another option is a door handle clip removal tool. The tool is known for taking out the retainer clip that locks the door. 

Final Thoughts: 

All the locksmith has to train for many years to become that kind of expert. And, in the case of making car keys, experience matters a lot. Therefore, you should have to pay a reasonable cost to get a valuable service. And, whenever you got into some sort of trouble like this, call a car locksmith rather than thinking about how does a locksmith make car keys. 

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