5 Ways To Get Replacement Car Keys

Often such casualties occur where your car keys break, damage, bend, get stolen, or lost. This situation can be really stressing and changing the lock of your car can prove to be very expensive. The most reasonable way of solving this problem is to get a replacement key for your car.

Getting a car key replacement is easy and common in today’s date since something as small as a car key can be lost or get damaged easily. 

We are here to tell you 5 ways how you can easily get a replacement car key:

  • Contact an auto locksmith:

Contacting an auto locksmith is probably the best option if you lose your car. It is known to be the cheapest option as locksmiths do not charge much and they would offer you a deal that will cost half as much money that your car dealer would charge. They do not charge any additional money to visit your car. Locksmiths will visit your car, identify the year, make and model of your car and make you a replacement key in just one visit. They have all the necessary equipment and can make you a key in no time, program your key to your car and delete old keys so that they do not work on your car anymore if you use a transponder key.

  • Call your car insurance provider:

To get a replacement car key, you can contact your car insurance provider and apply for a replacement key under your car insurance policy. Some insurance policies often offer replacement car keys while some policies might not cover the replacement car key. Each insurance policy will contain different terms and conditions, therefore, go through your insurance policy carefully to understand whether the policy covers your key replacement or not.

Some insurers offer a replacement key policy where they will replace your keys, but it is usually a premium add-on, which means that you will have to pay extra money for this replacement.

  • Use a vehicle breakdown service:

A few roadside assistance services can provide you with a replacement key, but this service will depend on the key type of your vehicle that needs to be replaced and on the type of machinery the vehicle breakdown service provider has available. They are also a cheap alternative but if they lack the expertise and proper machinery, then it can consume a lot of time.

  • Consult your car dealer:

This might be pricey, but it is the most reliable option. No other option can provide you with a service as excellent as your car dealer. Visit the car dealership and get the replacement keys. It is best to visit the dealership because the detailed security settings of the car lock might only get resolved by the manufacturers. In most cases, the car needs to be towed to the dealership, and this will cost an additional charge. This is the easiest solution if you are alright with paying a large amount of money for a replacement key.

  • Contact your local garage:

If you do not want to pay a fortune for a replacement key of your car at the car dealership place, you might consider contacting your local garage as they can also provide you with a replacement key. They will not charge as much as the car dealer and you can also ask the key maker to visit your car, this will save money and will also save you from the trouble of towing. They are most likely to have the equipment necessary to replace your key and they can also pair up the replacement key to your car. They will provide you with a reliable solution and will not consume much of your time.

As you now know every possible way of getting a replacement key, you must know how important it is to have an extra key. Having an extra key can save you in times of emergency and it will also save you from the panic caused by a lost key.

A small tip:

If your keys play hide and seek with you at least once every week, meaning if you lose your keys often, then you must consider buying a key locating device. This little but very useful device will not cost a lot of money but will definitely save you from a lot of panic and stress. The device will help you locate your keys when you lose them, and you do not have to rush for a replacement key. If you have a habit of losing your keys by leaving them in shops, markets, etc. then tape a ‘return if you found” message to your keys with your contact details so if anyone finds your keys then they can return them to you easily.

We presented to you some easily accessible solutions to replace your broken or lost car keys. You may take a lot of time to get repairs done on your damaged keys, but we highly recommend the options mentioned above, to receive a replacement key quickly, if you have lost the keys to your car. These recommendations might help you receive an understanding of the accessible options, so you can select the one that suits your demands best. 

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