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Replacement Car Keys

We pride ourselves on our service, value and transparency!

We provide nothing short of quality products at great prices and in most cases can arrange your replacement car key to be with you on the next working day. With our car key cutting and programming equipment we are able to provide keys for all vehicles, and by doing so ensuring your vehicle does not incur any damage when paired with the new key. Therefore, your car security is ensured. When it comes to replacement car keys, you can certainly have faith in us!

Our team of specialist technicians use the latest manufacturer software to replace, refurbish and re-programme your lost/damaged key to ensure that your car recognises the product and can be used straight away.

We can fix or design spare keys for all vehicles, and with our price match facility you know you are always getting the best price available meaning you never pay more than you need to. Here at Replacement Car Keys we are always staying ahead of our competitors and use the latest equipment and software to ensure we can take care of all of our customer’s needs.

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We will dissect the key and explore through a plethora of modules and codes to see which one fits your key the best.



Whether your key needs reprogramming or refurbishing, we will use the most sophisticated software to extract the required codes and install them accordingly.



After we fix your key, we will return it to you through your desired mode of delivery.